What Are Youth Groups?

What we do?

Nufoundation host groups of young adults to better their lives. We prepare, educate, and change the mind sets of youth who struggles with their own set of holdbacks. We educate multiple character building opportunities to develop a strong mind set. 

Our sessions Include:

  • Identifying Influences: Positive and Negative.
  • How to Set a Goal & Make a Plan to Achieve It.
  • Weighing Your Choices.
  • Peers: Identifying & Placing Proper Value.
  • Identify & Choose Positive Role Models.
  • Recognizing the Value of Authority Figures.
  • Communicating w/ Family & Significant People in Your Life.
  • Time Management: Valuing Your Time.
  • How to Avoid Negative Situations.
  • How to Identify & Utilize Your Options in Negative Situations.
  • Acknowledging Your Situation & Demonstrating Self-Control.
  • Building Effective Coping Skills

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