Our Services

Life Coaching


We want to inspire, encourage, and assist clients to obtain their goals with motivation and guidance by assessment. 



Our mentoring's provide one on one educational, and personal accountability development with our dedicated staff.

Motivational Seminars


Are you in need of a motivational speech? We have those, give us a call or message us.

Crisis prevention


Information available soon.

Consulting & Development


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Parental-Faculty Workshops


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NuFoundation Behavior Development Strategies

Behavior Advisory Transition Plan


Nufoundation provides a highly effective Behavior Advisory Transition plan in partnership with local mental and behavior health clinics, client’s with current behavior treatment plans can begin transitioning into Nufoundation’s restorative practices services as a continued mentoring program focusing on long term behavior correction plans designed to reduce readmission and adverse events by providing nuero-transformation education with individual and/or group support linking from one tier level to another. Our behavior advisory plans include a peer support specialist that provides mentoring, life coach services, behavior modification education, goal assessments and planning, care coordination and discharge planning. They work collaboratively with the clients current and/or previous mental/behavior treatment providers, inpatient and outpatient staff, as well as community-based providers to assure a successful transition for all behavior health patients.