Founder & CEO


Kelvin D. Fleming was born May 20th 1980 in Oceanside California. He grew up in a heavy drug and gang influenced neighborhood with many forms of negativity surrounding him. Kelvin and his 4 older siblings were raised in a single parent home, living off public assistance while his mother attended night school and other ROP courses to try to better their life. He found himself engaging in many negative opportunities in his youth. While introduced to gangs and hustling in his early pre-teen years he had many run-ins with the law. All were minor offenses with warnings until the winter of 1992 when, at the age of 12, Kelvin was seen in an Oceanside CA community apartment complex in possession of a hand gun. As a result, he was sent away to North Carolina to be raised by his uncle, a man of integrity, morals and strong structured values. He returned to California in 1996 at the age of 15.


He had only been back for 3 months when, at his 16th birthday party, he was shot twice in the head at point blank range by a rival gang member. This was a life changing experience for him. Throughout his childhood he had often dreamed of a better life outside of the gang, visualizing himself being successful and influencing others in a positive and productive life. Kelvin began looking for other outlets to attach himself to such as writing books and music, and recording and performing positive rap music, leaving behind the lifestyle of hustling and gang affiliation. With this new positive thinking he was able to see more clearly the positive opportunities life has to offer, and gained a desire to pass on the lessons he had learned through his hardship and pain.